SMASH - Compressor


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  • Smash That Sound 

    Aggressive compression designed for rap, rock & metal 
    - Make vocals sound larger than life

    SMASH is a compressor designed for sources that NEED. TO. HIT. HARD.

    We regretfully state that, due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, we are unable to issue a refund on any purchase of this product.

  • Smash knob to control the amount of compression (and even limiting) 
    - Gain knob to control gain added to the compressed signal
    - Input knob to control the volume of the input signal 
    - Mix knob to blend the affected signal with the original

  • - Requires a 64 bit digital audio workstation (DAW) that supports VST2, VST3, AU or AAX plugins. 
    - Requires 15MB of available disk space 
    - Requires 2GB of installed RAM 
    - Requires Mac OS 10.9 or higher / Requires Windows 7 or higher

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