Frequently Asked Questions

-- Does The Odin work with Kontakt Player? 

The Odin Deluxe does not require Kontakt or Kontakt Player.

However, at this time, The Odin will load in Kontakt Player in "demo mode". This means there is no restrictions to its actual functions or sound, but it will force you to refresh Kontakt Player once every 15 minutes. Because of that, we do specify "Kontakt 5.6" as a requirement for Odin. 

-- I don't have Kontakt, can I still use The Odin? 
The Odin Deluxe does not require Kontakt. 

-- The Odin isn't making any sound. What to do? 
Make sure the active keyswitch pane (orange screen on The Odin) says "alt pick" when first programming with The Odin. 

-- Does The Odin come with an amp sim?
The Odin creates clean DI, which you can then re-amp yourself through your own amp solutions. If you're interested in a cool free amp sim, consider picking up "Ignite Emissary". 

-- Does Tux/Guitar Pro-based midi work with The Odin? 
Yes, it does. However, these programs generally tend to add information to the midi that isn't compatible with Kontakt. We'd advise to copy-paste all notes from your Tux/GP midi into a new midi track inside your DAW, in order to ensure no quirks. Furthermore, Tux tends to export midi 1 octave too low. If you run into any issues with a Tux-based midi, try transposing the notes in your midi up 1 octave and then press C0 in your midi editor.